Our Inspirations

8 Feb

A brief and by no means complete list, featuring just a few of the many many influences at work on the production of this blog/fanzine…. .

Bit of an obvious one… From searching out old copies of The End and FOUL! on the internet to geeking out over the well-thumbed United We Stand collection in the attic to marvelling at the amazing stuff the likes of Wigan’s Mudhutter Football Express and Cosenza’s Tam Tam are putting out; the scribblings of other obsessive and often slightly odd football fanatics are a constant source of pleasure, inspiration and plagiarism.

Forget the Pistols and all that nonsense, we’re talking the smallscale, uncompromising, self produced shit. Music, art, poetry and of course fanzines, From Sniffin Glue to Leftover Crack (well I fucking like them, alright!) and beyond…..

RIOT GRRRL The bands of this early 90s musical, cultural and political movement such as Bikini Kil and Bratmobile provided a suitably angry female soundtrack to the creation of this fanzine while the idea of using the self published page as a way to discuss our lives and realities as women, while giving a middle finger to well crafted prose and professional design in favour of the shoddy, heartfelt and unashamedly female was directly walking in it’s legacy. Riot Grrl told us “fuck living your lives how other people want you to, take control of your own life and don’t let anyone use your gender as an excuse for not letting you do what you think is right.” Spot on.

The real Northern deal, not the post-Football factory snide Burberry rip off.

DADA/SURREALISM/SITUATIONISM Providing key ideas that can help build the tools to smash the modern football spectacle… And a get out clause for anyone who’s ever put together a slightly erratic and nonsensical fanzine….

Constantly belittled by those who fear it. Constantly a source of strength for those who attempt to live it.

Be it the hard-edged stompers of Dean Parrish and co or the strong but soulful love laments of Dee Dee Sharp and Martha Reeves, this is the genre that sountracks both our day to day reality and some storming nights out. Pass the talc….

Particularly the Germans and Italians; strong, beautiful, intelligent women who refuse to adhere to the feminine myth. Except the fascist ones who can blatantly fuck right off and die.

Again constantly discredited by those who fear it’s power and don’t understand it’s true nature. Autonomy, self determination and social justice, not just black hoodies and Rage Against The Machine CDS.

Continuing the fight for their ideals and upholding the mentality despite constant repression. Absolute inspiration.

Not just home to some of the greatest music ever recorded but also pioneers of an ideal of love not money but style AND substance. We like to think we’re in someway following in their shambolic footsteps…

The favoured style of our friends on the Curvas of Napoli; matching the desire for individuality and sharpness of dress of classic mod with the defiantly street level attitude of skinhead without the elitism of the former or the thuggishness of the latter. Throwing a nod towards casual but not as cliche, intelligent working class kids looking smart and getting into mischief while raising a middle finger to a state and society that wants them to shut up and do as they’re told.

No comment required.

Erm, probably goes without saying really, that one….

For igniting the flames of a passion for football that would consume us forever more.


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  2. Kowalski February 11, 2011 at 7:22 pm #

    There’s some Portuguese Skins somewhere on this site;

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