So where’s all the football, then?

8 Feb

Considering this is supposedly a football fanzine/blog, you might be shocked to notice that there isn’t actually much football in it. No match reports, player profiles, no discussions of the last round of cup fixtures, in fact nothing much at all to do with issues that actually concern on-pitch action. Why’s that then?

This tedious bunch of cunts do NOT feature anywhere in this blog.

Take a look at the name again. There’s a big clue in it – the word TERRACE. We’re not called Pitch Bitch or Goal Slut or anything equally dodgy because (apart from those names being shit) we’re not so much a football fanzine as a football CULTURE fanzine, aimed at a specific section of the people who go to matches, talking about off the pitch matters. (We were going to call it Snatch At The Match but decided to stick that one in the keep net for a future feature…). We’re a pan-club fanzine which doesn’t want to be be tied down to discussing footballing matters of individual clubs that don’t really interest or have relevance to a lot of the readership. Not because we don’t have a clue about football, cheeky, but because you can get proper coverage of the football in a plethora of other mags, newspapers and normal fanzines. Thats not our domain. We’re aiming at a niche. (“I wouldn’t mind aiming at their niche, fnar fnar…” We know how you think you big throbbing innuendos you.) We also don’t talk about women’s football because thats a whole different arena; this is for women who watch mainstream men’s football in a predominantly male domain, and the issues that arise from that situation. However if anyone wants to drop some-thing into our inbox thats interesting and relevant enough it’ll get included. As usual, send all your mitherings in electronic form to


One Response to “So where’s all the football, then?”

  1. Les Bagg February 10, 2011 at 8:57 pm #

    Ye Gods!
    Is there a picture that turns the stomach more than that one? Gary playing pocket billiards and the rest with that “Hi Girls” look. (does it work?)
    Thanks for reminding me what a horrible set of twats they all are, These people have no place in football!

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